Thought-Provoking Ideas For An Essay On Poverty

Often times, students are asked to write one type of academic paper or the other. While they might be asked to defend a particular position in one assignment, they might be asked to either argue against or summarize a particular issue in other assignments. This time around, you have been asked to write a thought-provoking essay on poverty. The problem is not that you are asked to write about poverty, it’s just that you are at a loss how to come up with informative and interesting topics for your academic paper.

Finding yourself in such dilemma should not leave you feeling so very downcast because you are definitely not alone. A lot of students find themselves in the same predicament once in a while. In order to improve your mood right now and get you going as far as writing your essay is concerned, here are some ideas that would make great titles for your paper. They are as follows:

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  • Poverty as one of the causes of certain people living unhealthy lifestyles.
  • Homelessness and poverty – exploring the relationship.
  • The impact of low income levels on drug use.
  • The relationship between zero education and impoverished condition.
  • Exploring the possibilities of genuine love between the poor and the rich.
  • Factors that lead to impoverished conditions.
  • Economic policies and poverty – analysing the relationship.
  • Social policies – do they contribute to certain people living in impoverished conditions?
  • Examining the impact of racial discrimination on the low standard of living of certain ethnic groups.
  • What are some of the benefits that should be provided for families living in poverty?
  • A critical look at certain welfare reform acts and their success rates.
  • Should children from low income homes be given preferential treatments during school lunch breaks?
  • Analysing the impact of certain investments in a given poor neighbourhood.
  • A look at the impact of poverty on a given student’s overall educational performances.
  • An comparison of poverty rate between a given city and another.

The possibilities for poverty essays are just endless. The issue of poverty is one that will always be a problem to governments, both in the developed, developing, and underdeveloped nations. Even in the developed countries, you are bound to find out that there are lots of homeless people out there on the streets, there are people who cannot afford to eat good meals all year round, and there are also children who are unable to continue their education because their family are unable to provide most of their basic necessities.

In order to make your paper stand out, make sure you gather information from reliable sources. Whatever statistics you are quoting, ensure that the figure is not an exaggeration. Proper editing after writing your academic paper is not an option, it is simply a necessity. You should check your finished poverty essay for proper structure as required by your tutor, proper format, grammar, and spelling errors. With all these done, you are good to go.